Scomo, Josh Frydenberg and Stupidity

In Canberra, Scott Morrison and his Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, were talking, when Scott said, ‘I hate all the dumb jokes people tell about me.’

Josh, feeling sorry for his bumbling boss, said sage-like, ‘Oh, they are only jokes. There are a lot of stupid people out there. Here, I’ll prove it to you.’

Josh took Scott outside and hailed a taxi driver.

‘Please take me to the Griffen Hotel out in Kingston to see if I’m home,’ said Frydenberg. ‘I’m staying there this time. Nice and quiet.’ He said in an aside to the Prime Minister.

The cab driver, without saying a word, drove them to the Griffen, and when they finally got out, Josh looked at Scott and said, ‘See! That bloke was really stupid!’

‘No kidding,’ replied Scomo, ‘You have a mobile in your pocket. You could have called instead.’

One response to “Scomo, Josh Frydenberg and Stupidity

  1. Would be funny if not so believable


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