Australian Intoxication!

Over the past few months, having watched the unfolding vista which is Australian Governance, I have reached a conclusion.

Our country is being led by alcohol fuelled yobbos! Their efforts at governing us resemble nothing more than the drunken ramblings of the intoxicated, unbalanced figures of fun who populate our streets after closing time. Especially with their habit of colliding with lamp posts and regularly stopping for a piss in the streets of our lives.

Oh, and also by religious nutters, each with their own version of what the Christian ‘God’ demands of a faithful country. Nevertheless these disparate deludeds have been able to form a loose grouping.

So what passes as our ‘Leadership’ is drunk, either on alcohol or religious delusion.

I really do wish it would stop. Just how many ways are there to report on a drunken fool? Or a religious fool?

Or both, within the same skin – – – –

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