‘A 60 year old Health Care Worker should aspire to a better job.’

Malcolm Turnbull’s cover-up for his greedy tax-cuts to the rich.

Just what does all this ‘Aspiring’ mean?

It means that if you are one of the million unemployed, you can aspire to any one of the one hundred thousand jobs which are available.

If an aspiree is lucky enough to jump through the Human Resources hoops and gain one of those jobs then he, or she, can aspire to be promoted. Into a higher paid position, with higher duties.

A child-care worker, an excellent and highly talented child-care worker should, no, according to Malcolm, MUST aspire to a higher position. One in which the major part of the job is paper-work or man-management, NOT the child care to which the worker is best suited. Of course, Malcolm sees the fact that there are ten child-care workers and only one middle management position as no bar to aspirants gaining that higher position. Malcolm may not be very good at maths.

In other news, Malcolm, and his gold-plated predecessors, have set up a system where most middle level jobs have been cut out of most organisations. So there are even less of these positions available for the aspiring 20 something. Or even for the aspiring 60yo!

Of course, none of this is relevant because if you do not aspire hard enough you do not deserve that higher paid position anyway. Yet according to Malcolm, everyone has the right to aspire and that makes cutting taxes for the already successful the right thing thing, the fair thing to do.

As a young man I was, OK, I still am, besotted by cricket. My greatest desire was to play for Australia. I did all the correct things. I trained hard, I played hard, I bent the rules on occasion to gain an advantage. Yet somehow the call to higher duties never came. I did everything Malcolm suggests. I aspired with all my heart and soul, I worked at it so hard. Now, in my 70’s, in accordance with Malcolm’s advice, I still aspire and still wait for that call.

I aspired and failed. After all, there are several million cricketers in Australia and only 11 of them can be in that Australian team.

After all, what would happen if Malcolm’s day-dream actually came to pass? All aspiring workers got the higher paid jobs they aspire to.

Chaos! And Malcolm knows that. Everyone would be a Chief and no one would be an Indian. There would be millions of middle level and higher workers in Australia and just a single 60 year old Aged Care worker to do the work. OH! And that excellent twenty-something Child-care worker.

And me. Wanting to play for Australia.

Malcolm’s shouted strictures to ‘Be aspirational’ had their origins in John Howard’s fake dreams. They have inherent contradictions. He hopes that by shouting these words, these half-baked ideas, that the average person will leap into line and believe him. That they will feel a guilt for not being sufficiently aspirational.

I have an aspiration. And that is to see this deluded autocratic loud-mouth removed from his position.

One response to “Aspiring

  1. I will repeat myself until I’m blue in the damn face. It’s OK to not be ambitious. It’s OK to just want to work. Not everyone is cut out for clawing their way to “The Top”, and not everyone wants to.

    I just want to work full time hours, at a job I enjoy. I want to leave my work at work, pay my bills on time, have decent food in the fridge, be able to afford a reliable and safe car, and be able to save some money. A holiday would be nice, too, but isn’t totally necessary.

    It shouldn’t be this difficult, and I should be made to feel that I’m deficient* because I want balance in my life.

    *Pro tip – I don’t feel deficient, but plenty have tried.


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