A Question About Centrelink

Here is  question raised by the actions of the the Federal Government Minister for Social Services,  Christian Porter.

He has found a way to claim that $2.2 billion is owed to the Government by pensioners and other welfare recipients. This will make his incompetent Treasurer colleague, Scott Morrison, a little happier and may even return his smirk to prominence.

By comparing Centrelink records with tax returns, any apparent discrepencies are automatically assumed to be deliberate falsifications and the ‘falsifier’ is charged both the amount apparently overclaimed and also a penalty.

Oh, if you want to avoid the penalty, begin repaying that overpayment immediately at the suggested rate. If you want to differ from our computer generated facts, then continue paying while you do so, or we will charge extra penalties as well.

So! A question which must be asked.

Is the new Centrelink process of automatic raising of invoices for possible debts which may be owed by welfare recipients anything at all similar to the speculative invoicing tactic that the Federal Court banned the Dallas Buyers Club lawyers from using.

An interesting New Year’s thought for the Lawyers to consider.

Although Awful Genius Senator Brandis will do his best to block any action against this Government of Illegal Actions.and Entrenched Self-Interest.

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