A Liberal Price on Carbon

After six years, it seems the Liberal Party is finally moving back into the real world.
With Tony Abbott finally out of the leadership picture, Malcolm Turncoat has finally given the go-ahead to a *say it with reverence* PRICE ON CARBON!
frydenbergFrom being leaders in the world of renewable energy, Australia is now finally taking baby steps back towards renewing renewables.
Unless Frydenberg is joshing us, he is out and about spruiking a carbon price on carbon used by power stations. This will create an unavoidable upwards pressure on power costs nationwide. miss-me
There will be no compensation for the poor or elderly unlike that in the terrible evil and completely unnecessary ‘Tax’ on carbon foisted on the nation by the evil Julia Gillard and her latte-sipping greenie friends. That would not be the Liberal way.
As I said before – baby steps. But at least it is a move, more correctly, a shiver in the correct direction. Six years too late. The story of Liberal-led Australia.
Will the Turnabout Government finally get around to having a real agenda item for 2017?

2 responses to “A Liberal Price on Carbon

  1. One step forward and half a dozen backwards.

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