Meaningless Blah Blah

The other day our anti-Immigration Minister, Mr Potato-head Dutton, vilified the second and third generation of the Lebanese refugees allowed into Australia under the Prime Ministership of Malcolm Fraser. anti-immigrationHe explained to a Parliament waiting with baited breath. Yes, their breath was baited. He has caught them all, hook line and sinker. Anyway,  to this Parliament and to those who vote but do not think, he explained that, of the past 33 terrorist acts in Australia, 22 were by second and third generation descendants of those Lebanese refugees.

Now it is not as though there were only two or three families involved in arriving in Australia. According to an ABC online news article dated 21 Nov 2016, as of 2006, the number of Australians of Lebanese background totalled 181,738 — including 16,201 people whose parents were born in Australia. And 22 of their descendants did, or set out to do something bad.

Because of this high proportion of second and third generation Australians of Lebanese origins,  Mr Dutton-Potato stated that it was a mistake to let their grand parents and parents into Australia.


Unless this rule is broadened to include many other groups, it is simply Meaningless Blah Blah.

For example. there are a number of Irish born Roman Catholic priests who have come to Australia and been found to be paedophiles. Using Dutton’s Law of Crime Minimisation, all Irish Roman Catholic priests should be barred from entering Australia.

Looking at the Calabrian and Sicilian background of many of the celebrated crime figures, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, Perhaps we should not have let any Italians into Australia as refugees after WW2. Shock Horror! St Pig-Iron of Menzies should come in for a touch of excoriation from our Minister of Meaningless Blah Blah.

Then there were the Poles and Hungarians who arrived in Australia, escaping the horrors of Russian Communism. Some of their descendants turned to Communism here in Australia! Their parents and grandparents should NOT have been allowed to come to this land of the fair go. Not under Dutton’s Law of Crime Minimisation. And never forget that Communism is a crime! Just ask Cory Bernardi.

The list could go on. Every nationality which has arrived in Australia has had some of its descendants turn to crime of one sort or another. And Indigenous Australians, I’m looking at you as well. Even your ancestors had to deal with people who broke your Lore. Breaking laws and boundaries is a part of human nature. Which is why the Brits began sending Europeans here in the first place!

So under Dutton’s Law of Crime Minimisation, there should never have  been ANY migration to Australia at all.

Until you accept this, Mr Dutton, everything you say is just


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  1. I would like to know how many “10 pound” poms descendants have committed murder etc..

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