From a Roman Wall #111

wine_salesman_-_romanSecundus walked into the Forum Cafeterium.

‘Salve.’ he greeted Nellus and took the proffered steaming beaker of caffeinus from her.

He walked over to his usual tabula and as he sat down, Libertinus. noted Roman about town looked up and grinned.

‘That citizen, your brother’s neighbour, is quite a wag. He was the life of the convivio, the party, last night.’ he said.

Secundus asked, ‘Do you mean Gallinacius the poultry farmer?’

Verbo Ipsum smiled to himself.

‘That’s the one.” replied Libertinus. ‘He had us rolling off our couches last night. The stories he was telling! He could have a future on the proscaenium, the stage.’

‘That’s not surprising,’ remarked Verbo. ‘Chicken farmers will often share a good yolk.’

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