Trump is Not – – –

Trump is not the voice of an oppressed class. He is the voice of abusers who are angry at their victims pushing back.
The racists, sexists and homophobes ARE NOT VOICELESS. They just don’t like being told that they’re shit humans and what they’re voicing is wrong.
Racism, sexism, homophobia is all LEARNED BEHAVIOUR. These are not natural instincts that “civilised” society is trying to suppress. They are maladaptive, harmful behaviours and they need to be unlearned. Society needs to be more educated so that these ignorant behaviours aren’t learned in the first place.
IT’S NOT OK to be a predator.
IT’S NOT OK to make women, children or minorities the outlet for your antisocial urges
If that makes you feel angry, TOO FUCKING BAD.
You need THERAPY, not a president who validates your PATHOLOGY!

(written by my friend, Cat A,  on Facebook)

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