How Long To President Pence?

OK! I Accept that Trump has been elected President of the USA.

I look back into history when another uncomfortable President was elected. Back to the 1960’s.

I cannot see the American establishment, the multinational, military and the intelligence forces allowing him to continue on the path he has plotted in his campaign.

Either he turns into a conventional President or he will not be around to contest the next election.

Whether by a bullet or by an apparently ‘natural’ heart attack, I cannot see him surviving in this environment.

And that will be yet another nail in the coffin for what was once ‘The Greatest Country in the World’.


(No, ASIO, AFP, FBI, NSA, CIA etc , I am not advocating that this should happen. I am suggesting that it is inevitable.)

2 responses to “How Long To President Pence?

  1. Oh my days. Don’t say that. Trump is fecking horrendous, but Pence is considerably worse in some ways.



    I don’t know how these cards will fall.But Corey Bernadi loves America so I suggest he stays there.They deserve each other.But he can pay his own way!

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