The Zoo Picnic

onceupunatimegreenAt the annual zoo picnic, all the animals were quick to let their hair down. After a year of formal correctness in full view of the public they were at last able to be themselves.

The Giraffes found the long necked bottles of Champagne perfect to drink. Their burps were something to remember.

The big cats all got together around a crate of assorted whiskies and bourbons and had a roaring good time.

The black, brown and white bears all had a long session with the beer keg which was set up on the edge of the picnic site. It was very noticeable that bears do not always wait until they reach the woods.

All the exotic herbivores made a mess of the Vin Ordinaire set out on their table. The Gazelles and Antelope had a wonderfully uplifting leaping session. Which was great for the good Gnus who watched on in lascivious approval.

Amongst the birds, the Parrots did what they do best although the penguins, of course, only drank water as they really are Mormons wearing feathers.

No one noticed the two who found the punch bowl. A young Zebra and his best friend, a Gibbon. They were the first at the picnic to pass out from over-indulgence proving once again that a foal and his monkey are soon potted.

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