Duterte and Dutton

We are against crime.  Most of us, according to polling, are all for stronger measures against criminals.

Yet now most of us are horrified when that is taken to its logical conclusion.

President Rodrigo Duterte has simply moved the guidelines about how to treat criminals. We don’t need wasteful trials where the only beneficiaries are the lawyers. Why have a trial when we can simply shoot the criminal. That oldfashioned idea of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is just sentimental codswallop from a bygone era.

No, we in the Western world are not quite ready to accept such a solution.

We still give the drug dealers trials and prison sentences although we do destroy the products they sell.dutertton

But is the Duterte method so far from our moral position?

We don’t like the idea of evil people smugglers sending people, as asylum seekers, out to possibly die at sea. We see that as an evil crime. Peter Dutton tells us it is.

Our solution is the same as Duterte‘s is with the drug dealers. Destroy the product they sell. The asylum seekers.

This solution predates Duterte’s method of dealing with drug dealers but is very similar!

The difference is that with the Dutton method we do it slowly, not quickly with a bullet. We incarcerate indefinitely and drive these people insane. We remove all hope and wash our hands of the mental and human consequences.

After all, they are only the product the criminals are pushing. It isn’t as though they are real human beings.

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