Poll Sum 28th Sept, 2016



At last there are two polls from which to create a Poll Sum.



While Essential continues to do its weekly voter intention poll, until now, all other pollsters have quit the field. Possibly believing the USA Presidential Polling is sufficient. Monday saw the first Newspoll since the election and it may be the only one for a month! We shall see.

So here are the numbers, scant though they are.


Raw numbers and percentages.

Note the comment about NXT and HON numbers


The raw numbers look like this, across two charts.

Minor Parties


The Major Partiespoll28f


the Two Party Preferred



The difference between the two parties




Malcolm Turnbull was able to fluke an election win on the day yet appears to have continued to lose popularity.In the nearly three months since the election the gap between the L-NP and ALP has grown to around 5%!

How long will he last as leader?

How long will this dysfunctional Government last in a fractured Parliament?

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