Mediscare or Mediascare?

Oh how horrid of Bill Shorten to claim that the Government was planning to privatise Medicare.


Malcolm Turnbull broke his “what an exciting time” face for the only time during his overly long election campaign. He called it an ‘outrageous! lie!’ and, yes, you could hear the exclamation marks in his words. The unexpected horror at being found out. He had carefully hidden Health Minister Susan Lie away during the campaign because she is the one who makes the announcements about the unpopular chipping away at the foundation of the Health Care System.

In the week before election day, we, the voters were bombarded with the news that Bill Shorten had LIED! Every media outlet, print, radio and television, all kept repeating the Prime Ministerial line.


So loudly we couldn’t hear ourselves ask, “But didn’t tony abbott lie before the last election? No, I’m not talking about his ‘no cuts’ lies. I’m talking about that Carbon Tax lie. The lie Julia Gillard did NOT make! The abbott lie that we would all get cheaper electricity. $550 per year cheaper. You know, that big decrease in power bills you have all noticed and commented on.


Now, in July 2016 we are still being told it is such an outrageous lie to suggest that a Turnbull Government could even begin to think about the possibility of maybe privatising Medicare in any way, shape or form.  No one in the Media even mentioned or asked about “Primary health care, Medicare rebates, private health insurance, prescription medicine payments, mental health care and electronic health records are all slated for major changes” under the six major reviews which have happened during 2016. Such a question would be a sign of blasphemy and reason for a change in career for anyone silly enough to ask it.

The media has kept on reading the press releases from the Turnbull Government as though they were Gospel Truth. Written-in-stone pronouncements from the burning bush of the Mt Sinai of Canberra. Not to be questioned or altered in the slightest way but recited in a 21st Century form of monkish plainsong for the enlightenment of the gathered congregation of the worshippers voters.

Then this morning we read in the ABC Online News that the Head of the Australian Medical Association, “Michael Gannon says in an ideal world the PM would unfreeze the Medicare rebate tomorrow.” This, despite being the person who was the first to call out the ALP on its “LIE” even before the Turnbull cult had realised its potency. Michael Gannon, whose bestie is Mathias Cormann has been softening up the Australian public with threats of a $20 or $25 co-payment for doctors’ visits. That, apparently is not “privatising Medicare”.


I will not go through the arguments that you tell what a politician, or political party, has as its plans, not by what it says but by what it does. And the Coalition has been looking for ways to demolish Medicare since the apostate Gough introduced it in the 1970’s. Saint Malcolm of Fraser tried the crash through approach and failed. This Malcolm is trying the ‘one brick at a time’ method. Mixing the metaphor, somewhat like the frog in the pot of water heating on the stove. It doesn’t realise the danger till it is far too late.


The media will continue to scare us all with tales of the ALP LIE just as they continue to scare us with the THREAT OF CORRUPT UNIONS and make no comment about corporate corruption which is always done by just a few rogue individuals. For that is the parable they have been told from the Burning Bush.

We will continue to be loudly lied to about the ‘Mediscare Lie’ while, in the background there is a quiet chipping away at the basic foundations of Australia’s health system.

And those individuals in the Media who keep telling us about that Mediscare Lie will keep checking their bank balances to make sure they have done their master’s bidding in singing the Press Release Plainsong of the day and have kept their jobs. For now.




2 responses to “Mediscare or Mediascare?

  1. Good summation Archie. We need for the ALP to go back to being ‘the peoples’ party’. IMHO they need to consult with the Unions, let them know that they should encourage a groundswell of workers. Unions will need to take a softly softly approach, lots of communicating and education on how to make workforces aware that it is really them that can make the real difference in how we, the people of this country can actually make a difference. The outcome of this election shows us that more than 50% of this nations people want change – they are just not being told the truth about pretty much anything that this LNP mob are telling us. The ALP need to work with ALL of the other minor parties. The minor parties cannot form government as things stand but this is the only way for people to show just how dissatisfied they are with both of the major parties.
    Keep up the good work Archie, we need people like you to keep us informed – you just can’t trust the MSM anymore.

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