Asylum Seeker Boat Arrives.

There is a Budget being handed down tonight. There will be an election called within days. The polls are swinging away from a Prime Minister who promised so much and has delivered so little. This Government needs all the help it can get.

And so today we find out a boatload of around 12 Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers has arrived at the Cocos.cocos1

Coincidence? Possibly.

What better way to remind the electorate that the Opposition “opened the floodgates” last time they were in power. A single boat avoids and evades all the hi-tech border defence our Dutton-goons have at their fingertips to arrive in Australian waters, in an Australian lagoon. The first to do so for nearly two years.

Coincidence? No! Probably not!

We have a Government and a Bureaucracy wedded to lying, misdirection and the darkest corners of human behaviour. It is no wonder people are being encouraged to kill themselves in their care. After all a few really bad examples will make many more decide to leave.

Creative Concentration Camp Clearances 101.

So now we have another group of people being used to further the evil ambitions of this Coalition Government. They will be used to prop up the falling poll numbers by adding to the terror we are feeling from the “See Something, Say Something” advertisements which, again coincidentally, are being broadcast up to the end of the election campaign.

What will be the next election sweetener we are offered? An actual false-flag terror attack?

Enjoy the election this year.

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