Colin Barnett, After the Binge.

Look, I know the State is broke.Bling2

So I was just a little bit careless when the money was rolling in.  You know how it is on a Friday night when you get your pay.

I couldn’t take it home with me. Being married to a nagging electorate is not fun and you have to let your hair down sometimes. At least that’s what my mates are saying.

Bling1We wasted all the boom on stuff it is best you don’t think about. I know the State debt has grown from under $3billion to over $30billion while I’ve been in office. You know W.A. Inc. never really went away.

Anyway, never mind that. We have to raise all our charges again, and cut all sorts of essential services. Those hospitals which keep breaking down had to be built so our Serco mates can make their fortune. And soon we will be able to hand the Education Department over to them as well.

Power charges will go up again this year, along with water, transport and licences.

Someone has to fill up that debt hole. I’m afraid you will all have to go out and work a bit harder to pay off my debt.

OH, now don’t go getting stroppy about it – Bling

HEY! Look over there.

A shiny new bit of bling I bought for you all.

And NO! There isn’t any money for your housekeeping this year!

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