My Friend Bruce

onceupunatimeblueI have a friend, Bruce, who lives on the West Australian coast. Right on the beach.

He loves birds, and every day, before he goes to work, he feeds the birds that flock along the shore.

He takes the best bird seed that he can find and mixes it with vodka so the seed is thoroughly saturated.

Then Bruce goes out and feeds the mixture to the birds.

He stays there long enough to be sure all the birds get well fed and become very drunk.

Bruce believes that you should leave no tern unstoned.

5 responses to “My Friend Bruce

  1. Nice to know your sense of humour is still intact!


  2. The pond is fine, thanks – a bit icy at the moment but that’s life. I’ve been away for a wee while in the real world but I’m back!

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  3. Glad to see you found your marbles, by the way! Been missing them for long?


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