The Office Safe

The Treasurer and his Minister for Finance go out to lunch together.

They enjoy the full three courses each with appropriate imported wines and ending with the best the French cheeseboard can offer.

Just as they are about sit back and light their cigars, Mathias jumps up with a look of horror on his face and says, “Bugger. I forgot to lock the office safe before we left.”

Scott calmly replies ” No worries, mate. We’re both here.”

3 responses to “The Office Safe

  1. LOL problems so easily solved.

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  2. Archie, Archie, mate! I’m missing you on Facebook. Have you displeased someone and been suspended? If so, well done.

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  3. Someone dobbed in that my fb name (which has been my cyber-name for more than 2 decades) may not be my meatspace name. So I have to “confirm my identity” and they have suspended me until I do so – – – I shall be back soon, in one mask or another 🙂


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