onceupunatimepurpleA couple was dining at a fancy restaurant, and was most impressed with the broccoli with hollendaise sauce. They succeeded in coaxing the chef to their table to wax eloquent, and to beg for the recipe.

Finally, he relented, “Madame, Monsieur, it is so simple. Make sure zee ingredients are FRESH. Zee broccoli should be just so. ….”, and on and on he went. Finally, he emphasized, “…And zee most important thing of all, you MUST serve zee sauce on a chromium plate. Chrome is zee key!”

“A CHROMIUM plate?”, one of them asked. “Why is this so important?”

“Sacre bleu, Madame and Monsieur, don’t you know zhere is no plate like chrome for ze hollandaise?”

One response to “Saucy

  1. One word, “Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghh!!”


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