From a Roman Wall #109

wine_salesman_-_roman“Ave, Ave.  Good Morning, everyone.”, Libertinus greeted the gathering in the Forum Cafeterium. “Gracias, Thank you, Nellus” he accepted his beaker of steaming caffeinus.

“I won’t be staying long today. I have a religious duty this afternoon.” he explained to his friends.

“The Gods must be kept happy.” said Literatus the Librarian. “I had to attend the temple of Mithras last week. He is the God who keeps our Legions winning.”

“I always worship at the Temple of Vesta.” Nellus added. “The Vestal Virgins are the sacred centre of Rome and protect her and all who live within. So which temple will you be attending today, Libertinus?”

“I’ll be at the Temple of Bacchus today.” he replied. “The pleasures of wine and food must be celebrated.”

“I fear too many pleasures have been celebrated at that temple.” Verbo Ipsum commented. “It won’t be worth your while going today.”

“Why do you say that?” asked a puzzled Libertinus.

“Last night the City Watch enforced the Imperial Drug Laws.” Verbo explained, “They arrested the High Priest!”

roman graffiti

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