From a Roman Wall #107

wine_salesman_-_roman“Salve, Good Morning.” Zoophilus the explorer smiled as he took his morning beaker of steaming hot caffeinus from Nellus the Barristerus of the Forum Cafeterium. He moved over to where his friends were sitting.

The subject de jour, as the Gauls say, was food. And the tales were getting tastier.

Literatus the Librarian had just told of a habit the Britanii cannibals had of snacking on fish and chaps.

Libertinus, man about Rome added, “My friend came around for dinner last night. We ate for about twenty minutes, then he fainted again.”

Verbo Ipsum did his usual topping and commented, “I was at an exotic feast, a Hungi, from the fabled Southern Seas. Everyone was so hungry we had the pig roaster going full boar.”

The explorer quickly and quietly, for this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, stopped Verbo in his verbal tracks and gave him his just desserts, “I once ate an Indian dish so hot for that days afterwards I was in a Korma.”

roman graffiti

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