From a Roman Wall #106

wine_salesman_-_roman“Ave, Good Morning.” Nellus Ursus, Barristerus of the Forum Cafeterium greeted Zoophilus the explorer as he entered.

Gratias tibi, Thank you.” He replied as he accepted his beaker of steaming caffeinus.

“I see you have a new boat on the Tiber, Verbo.” he said to his friend as he reclined at the tabula.

“You have a new naviculariam, sailing boat?” asked Libertinus in surprise. ‘Does that mean you have found a new navium dominus, a new captain?”

“Yes,” explained Verbo. “I have appointed Ipsimus as the Master of the vessel.”

“I remember taking a voyage with him to Egypt some years ago.” said Zoophilus.  “So he’ll get a chance to wear a captain’s cap at last. He has been a Mate for years.”

“I don’t think he’ll be having his head measured for new headgear anytime soon.” replied Verbo Ipsum.

“Why on earth not?” asked Zoophilus.

Verbo explained, “He is afraid of cap sizing.”

 roman graffiti

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