From a Roman Wall #104

graphics-romans-522569“Ave, good morning,” Literatus greeted Nellus.

“I’ll warn you now.” said the Barristerus of the Forum Cafeterium. “Verbo Ipsum is unusually talkative this morning.”

“What has got him to loosen his tongue today?” asked the Librarian.

“It seems that there was a bit of a disaster at the caupona, the inn, on the Via Sacra.” said Nellus. “Macellus Culina the cook has hurt himself.”

“Oh!,” replied Literatus. “My favourite food place. I’d better find out what happened.”

Taking his beaker of caffeinus  over to the tabula he asked Verbo what had happened.

“Macellus Culina slipped on some spilled olive oil in his kitchen. He fell very hard.” explained Verbo.

“So he has broken an arm or a leg?” asked Literatus.

“No. He bounced straight up but he had pulled down the shelf with all his cooking utensils. He started sorting out the mess.”

A rather puzzled Literatus asked the obvious question. “If he didn’t hurt himself in the fall, and he was able to pick up his knives and pots and so on, just what was the disaster?”

Verbo completed his story. “He won’t be cooking for a while. He bent over to pick up a sieve and strained himself.”

roman graffiti

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