From a Roman Wall #103

wine_salesman_-_roman“Salve, Good morning.” Pedantus greeted everyone in the Forum Cafeterium.

“Here is your caffeinus, ” Nellus the Barristerus responded. “Would you like some panum, some bread, to go with it this morning?”

“Not really. This new baker of yours is not very good.” complained Pedantus.

“Hey, Pedantus,” the call came from Zoophilus at the tabula. “We need some help over here.”

The very precise Pedantus walked to the tabula and looked around. “How may I assist?” he asked.

“We are talking about the names of Rulers and we are stuck on what the Ruler of the land of the Indus is called.” explained Literatus the Librarian.

“Oh, that is easy,” replied Pedantus who knew everything. “He is a Raja or, more recently, a Rajah”

“I thought he would be a Khan.” said Literatus.

“No, not yet.” said Pedantus anachronistically.

“Well,” said Zoophilus the explorer checking a list on the papyrus he was holding. “That just leaves one. What is a really nasty Egyptian ruler called?”

Verbo Ipsum replied, “Un-fair-oh.”


roman graffiti

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