The Racist Fallacy

There is a Free Trade Agreement with China in the pipeline.

Its aim is to boost the incomes and profits of the bosses of the Liberal Party. The Multinationals, Billionaires and Tycoons.fta

The Unions, the bosses of the Labor Party do not like it because it will allow foreign workers into Australia and they will be paid at lower rates than Australian workers.

The Bosses of the Liberal Party have told their puppets to play the “race card”.

Oppose the Free Trade Agreement and you are racist!

Andrew Robb, waiting to be exposed as a liar!

Andrew Robb, waiting to be exposed as a liar!

So we are having a large minority of our Australian population being overlooked, ignored and belittled. That is the largish minority who have oriental backgrounds. Either from the Goldrush days or from the Vietnamese boat people or from the later arrivals of students and others from China, Indonesia and South-East Asia.

Hundreds of thousands of people who are happily working in our country, earning Australian wages and salaries, raising new generations of hard working Australians. For the hardest workers in Australia have always been the first second and third generations of each wave of migration.

To claim that opposing “foreigners” from coming in to do the work they are doing at cut rates is racist is a lie, a falsehood and a calumny!

We are too eager to throw the “Race Card” around at the drop of a hat.

For instance, being anti-Muslim is not racist as most Muslims are Caucasians, just like us Anglo-Celts and Europeans. No. Being anti Muslim is being religiously intolerant. Or Christian. Or both.

It is time we Australians, regardless of our ancestry, stood up for our rights as Australians. Stood up for our way of life.

Tell Canberra to keep their grubby multinational hands
off our wages and conditions!


One response to “The Racist Fallacy

  1. The true racists are those who employ third world workers on paltry wages.

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