From a Roman Wall #102

graphics-romans-522569Verbo Ipsum, boat owner and misuser of Latin, entered the Forum Cafeterium much later than was his wont.

“Ave, good morning.” he quietly greeted Nellus Ursus the Barristerus.

Nellus looked a little surprised at the demeanor of the normally gregarious Verbo but handed him his beaker of caffeinus.

“Ave.” he acknowledged his friends at their usual tabula.

“What’s wrong with you?” asked Secundus. “You don’t sound at all well.”

“I do hope it isn’t one of those horrible illnesses which are spreading through Rome.” said Libertinus the man-about-Rome.

“No,” said Literatus. “He is not flushed, his nose isn’t running. It is just his voice.” Literatus the Librarian often spoke about people as though they were not there. Verbo sipped on his hot black caffeinus and winced.

“You were telling us that you were going to the the Flavian Amphitheatre, the Colosseum, for the games last night.” Secundus remembered. “How was it?”

“I shouted so loud at the chariot races,” explained Verbo Ipsum. “I’m now a hoarse whisperer.”

roman graffiti

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