From a Roman Wall #101

graphics-romans-528700“Ave, Good Morning. It is wet out there again.” Zoophilus arrived at the Forum Cafeterium and greeted Nellus the Barristerus.

“Salve, greetings” She replied as she handed the explorer a beaker of the best steaming hot caffeinus in Rome. “It is one of the wettest winters I can remember.”

“Bene Facis,  Thank you. It is indeed. All the low parts of the city are beginning to flood. Marti, my slavegirl is clearing out my basement today just in case.”

He moved over to the tabula occupied by his friends. “Ave, Secundus. How is your brother, Octavius the Goat Herder dealing with the flooding? The Tiber just keeps on rising.”

“Adsentior, I agree! He is very worried about all his animals. His goats are fairly safe because they can climb the cliff face but his chickens and pigs have nowhere to go.”

“So they are in danger of being washed away?” asked Zoophilus.

‘Sadly, yes.” agreed Secundus. “After all the hard work he has put into that farm he could lose everything.”

“Does he need a boat to save his animals?” asked Verbo Ipsum. “I noah guy.”

roman graffiti

One response to “From a Roman Wall #101

  1. Marti the slave girl is planning a LARGE bonfire today.


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