From a Roman Wall #98

Roman_lady“Ave, Good morning.” Literatus the librarian entered the Forum Cafeterium and smiled at Nellus the Barristerus as she handed him his beaker of steaming caffeinus.

He sat with his friends who were discussing the hairstyles of some of the barbarians who had been conquered by Rome.

“Some of the Africans from south of the Great Desert never cut their hair at all. It seems to be a matter of prestige. Luckily for them they do not seem to suffer from calvescere, from balding.” explained Zoophilus the explorer.

“Unlike here in civilised Rome where a lack of hair on top indicates learning and great social status.” said Secundus, nodding at the calvescere Literatus.

“Yet many of the ladies of Rome seem to prefer men with a good head of hair,” a blushing Marti added. Zoophilus nodded at his slave girl’s comment.

“So why don’t those without hair buy a wig for evening feasts?” asked Libertinus the partygoer.

“To get a wig,” commented Verbo Ipsum, “Bald men have toupee a lot of money.”


roman graffiti

One response to “From a Roman Wall #98

  1. Of course ladies perfer a man with a good head of hair. Men also prefer women with a good head of hair. Works both ways.


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