Helpless Anger

Regular readers of the Archive will have noticed that my postings have dropped off in number in the past few weeks. Especially those postings with a lighter side. Without noticing it, I have been developing an anger.

Now I have realised the cause of my anger.

No one cares about excellence. Not anymore.

We become experts ourselves by watching the fifteen second film clip on the six o’clock news.

Our leaders only tell us what will gain them an extra vote or two. Our experts must have served an apprenticeship in professional sport. Our entertainers have learned all we need to know.

We no longer ask ourselves what we can do for our country, rather we ask that we are not caught as we fiddle our books and take from those least able to give.

We take no notice as all our leaders choose to incarcerate the helpless who have come looking for help.

Our children are being taught to accept whatever they are told and to never think for themselves.

As we rush headlong into the consequences of global warming, we oscillate between denying it will happen to ignoring the obvious.

I am the only one who sees the approaching train wreck. Am I the voice of one crying in the wilderness?

But I will not rant today.

No one listens.

No one cares.

10 responses to “Helpless Anger

  1. Excellent Article Archie


  2. Oh Arch, my friend, be my cheerful, satirical, outrageous, courageous commentator – please. Keep calling out the bastards and rubbing their noses in their crap. We need you (and I do bloody care, so there!)

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  3. Don’t worry Archie, we’ve all felt like that recently. The only consolation over this weekends ALP conference was that at least we got to see & hear the speakers debating serious issues & we did get to see the interview on the 7 pm news on the ABC with Shorten. He got nearly 10 minutes of clear air & dealt with Chris Ulmann’s inane RW questions very well. Its the 1st time I have heard Shorten for this length of time, sounding like a real leader. He may not always be what we would like him to be, but he is 100% better & more believable than Abbott.
    At least today I feel a little more optimistic – my glass is now half full again (at least for the moment) :-))


  4. I feel the same way. All the time. Especially when I think about global warming. You are not alone in your horrified despair.

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  5. You’re right, Archie. Our grandkids will be asking why we did nothing when Blind Freddy could see the approaching train wreck.

    And even humour doesn’t seem to have any effect on this evil mob now ruling us. The rain of ridicule on our Speaker is brushed off and nothing changes.

    What to do?

    *sharpens pitchfork*

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  6. i alternate between helpless anger and simple despair. i can’t fix big things, and my salvation comes from focusing on the small things i can do to make something better – even for a moment. Dancing helps.


  7. I’ve been absent for rather a long spell.The reasons are much like yours. I just couldn’t articulate it in a blog post. But you have, and it helps.

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  8. Archie, mate, you are one of the reasons that I get up everyday. It great to know someone cares and is fighting all the Bastards who are there doing such an awful job in our name. There is always the thought that these people cannot go on hurting us forever. People like the liberals never win. They haven’t got the character to. Wait them out and fight like hell.

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  9. Thank you all for your kind words and for your support. I think I made the mistake of looking at the mountain instead of the next step. I was overwhelmed. I’ll try to keep my eyes (such as they are now) closer to the now and avoid the future. Thank you all again.

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  10. You are not alone… We are now led by fools.. These clowns would ordinarily be employed in some menial task but have managed to elevate way beyond their potential. It goes to show that an education doesn’t make you smarter, the great frustration is that with communications we have today we can also see that the political system is broken, the opposition s also incapable and we have no other choice, not yet anyway. I suggested recently that perhaps the ballot paper has a 3rd box on it marked EVICT…. Its rare to have change without some major upheaval, lets hope its sooner than later.
    You Are Not Alone.

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