I was listening, last night, to a discussion on the ALP’s suggestion that there should be a reduction of 50% in carbon emissions in Australia by 2030.

There was one major argument amongst those doing the discussing, a group who were basically supporting the status quo. Possibly for the financial benefit of their owners employers. That argument was the standard “What about the workers who will lose their jobs?”

This is the common thread to all changes in the economy.

Jobs Lost! Followed by the fear and hopelessness engendered by the loss of a job.

Yet despite all the jobs lost due to the changing technologies we have seen over the past few decades, there are still jobs out there.

What is never publicised, except in a self-serving way, is that there are always new jobs created by new technologies. Ostlers and stage coach drivers all lost their jobs when the automobile took the place of horses. They became mechanics and bowser pumpers and chauffeurs. Horse salesmen became used car salesmen.

The jobs changed! And people update their skills.

That is what will happen with renewable energy sources. The jobs will change!

So next time you see a headline about “Jobs lost”, think instead of the wonderful opportunities being created!

And stop believing everything you read on printed paper.

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