Refugees at Sea; Not Always Smuggled!


Another boat load of Asylum Seekers has arrived in Australian waters.

Again tony abbott is fulminating about his pet hobby horse. ““As long as anyone thinks that by coming here by boat, they will get the great prize of permanent residency here in Australia, the evil, dangerous, deadly trade of people smuggling will continue.

Again he his making the simplistic assumption that all asylum seekers are the customers and victims of the evil People Smugglers.

This boatload of people is different from those sent out by People Smugglers. The people on board are not crammed into a barely floating wreck. They, like the 46 returned directly to Vietnam in April are fishermen who make their living from the ocean. They are at home on the ocean and know how to travel safely. That is their skill and their living.

They are not in danger of sinking because their vessel is seaworthy.

They are not crammed onto an overloaded vessel because this is not a voyage for profit.

For tony abbott to equate this vessel with the “evil trade of people smuggling” is unthinkingly deceitful at best but more likely to be deliberately fraudulent.

In this case, there is not even the “People Smuggler” excuse for abbott to fall back on.


One response to “Refugees at Sea; Not Always Smuggled!

  1. Under the smuggling and trafficking protocols it is not smuggling ever when people seek asylum, it is only smuggling if they coerce or exploit people in an ongoing manner, even our own courts have known that for the past almost 16 years.

    The problem is our media are so frigging lazy they won’t even bother to read the protocols and laws.

    For the record they are Article 14 of the trafficking protocol and article 19 of the smuggling protocol which exempt refugees because by law refugees have to be outside their own country and these protocols cannot and do not over ride that fact.

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