Refugees at Sea; 20th July, 2015




20th July, 2015

The ABC is reporting that;A suspected asylum seeker boat has been spotted off Dampier in Western Australia’s North West region. A spokesperson for oil and gas company Modec confirmed crew members on one of their tankers off Dampier sighted what appeared to be an asylum seeker boat at first light this morning. Numbers could not be confirmed but the spokesperson said those onboard appeared to be in good health.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said it could not comment on the sighting. A spokesperson for Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton said they did not comment on operational matters.

SBS is reporting that;A spokesman for oil and gas company Modec told SBS that a tanker crew off Dampier spotted the boat at “first light” on Monday. “There was a small fishing vessel spotted by the crew,” he said. “The vessel was seaworthy.” He could not provide figures on the numbers of passengers, but said there was “certainly quite a few people”. “They seemed in good health and high spirits,” he said.

Apparently the ABC has reported that police boat Delphinus has been deployed to search for the suspected asylum seeker boat.


The ABC is now reporting that “A Federal Government source has confirmed to the ABC a boat was sighted and will be intercepted.”

And that, “the boat could be carrying asylum seekers from Vietnam


If confirmed, it will be the first asylum seeker boat arrival in around 12 months, according to the Abbott government.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Liberal Party members last month that “for almost 12 months there have been no boats whatsoever”.

Despite his weasel words, the boats have not stopped.   It is just that not many get this close to the Australian coast. Hint; They never have – – –

The Ocean Shield is sitting in Flying Fish Cove at Christmas Island. So this probably counts as a failure for our much vaunted “Border Farce” and its Kommandant Roaming Fleidermaus, Commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg


 Here is a list of the vessels which have arrived/been intercepted just this year. For “intercepted” please read, “piratically boarded on the high seas”!

July 20th 2015 – unknown number of people, off the Dampier Coast near Western Australia

May 2015 – 65 people; 54 Sri Lankans, 10 Bangladeshis, one person from Myanmar and 5 crew en route to New Zealand, intercepted off Ashmore Reef and sent back to Indonesia. Rescued by the Indonesians and taken to the Island of Rote.

April 2015 – 50 Vietnamese refugees intercepted “North of Australia”. Returned to Vietnam via HMAS Choules

March 2015 – Unknown number of refugees from an unknown origin. Probably one boat, maybe several. (Alluded to in Yahoo News report, 17th April 2015)

24th March 2015 – 15 refugees reported arrived Christmas Island 18th Mar, returned to Indonesia under escort.  6 Iranians, 2 Nepalese, 7 Bangladeshis.

9th Feb 2015 – 4 Sri Lankans (probably Tamils) returned from Cocos Island to Sri Lanka via the Sri Lankan Navy.

Which still leaves the unanswered question






Australia has failed

to change human nature.

Australia has failed to stop the boats.
They may not be getting far,
but escapees from oppression are still setting out or planning on setting out.
Some of them will not be making it..



arrival list

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  1. Thanks Archie, Keep up the great and truthful work you are doing.


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