Hiding Past Sins, L-NP Style

I take no credit for this find. I am simply spreading the word.

Peter Van Onselen reported on twitter this morning.


That URL of this deletion is http://www.liberal.org.au/latest-news/2012/04/21/tony-abbott-doorstop-peter-slipper-mp-0

Peter Van Onselen was able to find the original on the “Way Back Machine” and I look forward to reading his take on this event.

Apparently the deletion occurred on or about Friday 18th July. In other words, after Bronwyn Bishop’s Heligate.

That indicates that the Liberal Party is into rewriting history. This is something I have noticed a number of times when looking for articles I know I read in News Ltd publications which contained later embarrassments for either Murdoch or his puppets. Could it be that the Liberal Party is simply another News Ltd publication?


The find is on this URL


TTONY ABBOTT BUSINESS PRESSERhis is the record, the PROUD RECORD (until yesterday) of a doorstop held by tony abbott on 21/04/12 and it begins;

TONY ABBOTT: The Speaker is the guardian of parliamentary standards. The Speakership is one of the most important offices in the Parliament. The Speaker is there to uphold the integrity of the Parliament and now we have very, very serious allegations against the incumbent Speaker,
I’ll let you read the rest.

Just one more example of

tony and his cronies

being embarrassed by his past.

3 responses to “Hiding Past Sins, L-NP Style

  1. Thanks Archie, I can’t tell you how much this morally corrupt man & his government disturbs me. You are helping bring this low life out into the open (with the help of Peter van Olsen). We all need to keep working at passing on to the general public just how bad this mob really is.
    They cannot be trusted at all with running this country.

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  2. All the credit here is due to Peter. I am just spreading the word – and yes! I am very disturbed by what is happening

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  3. Reblogged this on beingcoralie and commented:
    Best evidence yet of Abbott unfit for PM


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