Isolated Australia

Being the Island Continent has worked in Australia’s favour for nearly two and a half centuries. The oceans shielded our forebears from invasions and our quarantines shielded us from many of the nasties which have ravaged the world. Even the ideas which have caused so much pain, suffering and death in the Northern hemisphere have been diluted in its journey to our distant land.

Now that very isolation appears to be about to cause great damage to our nation’s people and international standing. For we have been brought up to know that we are a fair and progressive collection of people. After all, we have the world’s best welfare system to protect our weak and defenceless. This was a system created by all sides of our political spectrum. We have had this wonderful reputation for mateship and helping out, for being friendly and sensible and for punching above our weight in both sports and science.

Being apart from the world is great, providing we are being told all that is happening “Overseas”. That we are being honestly informed about other nations’ attitudes about our Nation.Yet we are being informed by an ex-Australian whose only interests are in promoting his wealth and the wealth of his obscenely wealthy friends and associates.

Daily Telegraph, 10th July 2015

Daily Telegraph, 10th July 2015

And please don’t give me that guff about the internet providing all the information we need. We read the blogs which support our views. We friend people who agree with us. We tweet our preconceived notions. And cats.

So our electorate is not going to see the world’s criticism of tony abbott’s attack on renewable power, his rejection of the dangers of Climate Change, his brutal treatment of refugees whose only crime is to try to stay alive.

Headline corrected in the interests of a better Australia.

Headline corrected in the interests of a better Australia.

They will only see the violent but petty attacks on anyone who dares to oppose him in his Murdoch-inspired selfishness. Gillian Triggs, Bill Shorten and his supporters and successors, Unions, Whistleblowers will all be vilified in the Murdoch Press and the largely uninformed electorate will react to the attacks. Where there is smoke there must be fire. Anyway, they are all the same and it doesn’t matter who is in charge and Juliar told a LIE!

The current Royal Commission into Trades Unions has questioned Bill Shorten. It has not reached any conclusions yet the Murdoch minions have declared that he has lost all credibility and the right to be a serious politician. That is why we see the polls swinging wildly in favour of the right-wing of our political landscape.

Because we will not feel the disgust which is being felt internationally in respect of our mis-treatment of refugees. We will not feel the outrage of the rest of the world when we attempt to weasel-word our way out of any carbon reduction later this year. We will not be told of the dangers of tying our trade to China and tying our defence stance to the USA.

NO! Our isolated and uninformed electorate will only see a story about Bill and $40,000. That is what they will use to  form  their voting intention.

2 responses to “Isolated Australia

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  2. I really loathe saying this but I agree. The only little question mark on the effect of #turc was the weeks of smearing in lead up & how quickly it stopped once Shorten gave evidence. Media don’t appear to have stomach to continue with it, 1 small bit on qanda & that’s about it which is a change.


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