From a Roman Wall #97

romanscribe“Ave omnes, Morning all.” Zoophilus the explorer greeted the occupants of the Forum Cafeterium. “Thank you Nellus,” he smiled as he accepted his beaker of steaming hot caffeinus.

“Have you heard that Libitinarius the carpenter is going out of business?” asked Secundus.

“No, I hadn’t,” replied Libertinus the man about Rome. “But I am not surprised. He works mainly as an undertaker and coffin-maker. His business has been going downhill for several years now.”

“Why is that?” asked Literatus the Librarian .

“Changing burial customs seem to be the problem.” Zoophilus explained. “Our Legions have been conquering the North where chieftains are sent to their rest on burning boats. For a long time we have known od those from the Indus River who send their dead to their reward in a blazing pyre.”

“So here in the middle, in Rome we are adopting the same rituals?” observed Libertinus.

“Yes,” agreed Zoophilus. “People are choosing cremation over traditional burial.”

“Indeed.” said Verbo Ipsum, “It shows that they are thinking outside of the box.”


roman graffiti

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