Asylum Seekers and Border Protectors


The information your Government will not make public as it is all

“On Water Matters”.

Back on 2nd June I reported that there were three Border Protection vessels in Flying Fish Cove.

Today I have received information that ACV Triton is in Darwin Harbour.

I was also told that the big blue boat, Ocean Shield, is in Flying Fish Cove.



Unlike last time, there is no hint of any refugee interceptions yet but maybe we should keep out ears open.

There do not appear to be any other Border Protection vessels at Christmas Island at the moment although there are road works happening at the moment on the way to the refueling area around the point making this area inaccessible..

There is also a report that an unidentified Law Enforcement vessel was at Cocos last week.


To the best of my knowledge this information is not classified as “Top Secret”


Who knows how long it will be before publication of shipping movements is made a crime and this type of blog post becomes the reason for knocks on the door.

2 responses to “Asylum Seekers and Border Protectors

  1. Does that mean that when I share this with twitter & facebook that there could be a knock on my door too Archie? Don’t think there will be enough room in the courts for all of us folk who are writing articles and posting their protests against this disreputable rabble we have in govt. at present.

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  2. Not yet, Sandra. Give it time tho. Eventually we could lose our citizenship for spreading this type of info!


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