From a Roman Wall #96

romangif3“Salve, Good Morning.” Zoophilus entered the Forum Cafeterium and smiled at Nellus as he bought his morning Caffeinus and loaf of panum.

As he sat at his regular tabula his friend Literatus the Librarian asked, “Why didn’t you come to Libertinus’ convivium, feast, last night?”

“Oh, I had to visit the evocatorem, the medium, to get some guidance of a few things.” replied Zoophilus. “I have some questions on who wrote a scroll I have just bought from the Eastern Provinces so I thought I would find out what the spirits had to say about it.”

“I understand,” Literatus commiserated. “The spirits of the dead can be a great help. Which evocatorem did you visit?”

“Old Necromanus at the coemeterium, the cemetery. He is the best in Rome.” Zoophilus said.

“Is he still alive? He has been there summoning spirits since Romulus founded the City” asked an amazed Literatus.

“Old mediums never die,” interrupted Verbo Ipsum. “They just give up the ghost.”
roman graffiti

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