From a Roman Wall #94

Roman_lady“Lamentabilis, I’m sorry,” Nellus the Barristerus grumbled. “I do not have enough loaves of panum, bread, to go around today.

Zoophilus the explorer looked sad yet still accepted his beaker of steaming caffeinus. “That panifex, baker, of yours is hopeless.”

“I know,” replied Nellus. “He either burns the loaves or he messes up the recipe or something. If only there was another bakery nearby I would take my custom there.”

“What happened to him today?” asked Zoophilus

“He was cutting the loaves. He got the first four done but then he slipped and stabbed himself!”

“He’s dead?” asked a stunned Zoophilus.

“Oh no. He was lucky” explained Nellus.

“Yes,” a voice came from the corner as Verbo Ipsum spoke up. “The cutter had gone blunt. He was very lucky. It was a four loaf cleaver.”


roman graffiti

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