Andrew Bolt is a Dickhead Day; 2015

Tomorrow, in Western Australia*, is Andrew Bolt is a Dickhead Day.

The rest of Australia will celebrate it today.


If you get the chance, celebrate Andrew’s dickheadness in the traditional way at lunch with a beer in Vietnamese staffed pub and go over the road and and have some excellent Vietnamese or Chinese tucker.

Tofu is on the menu for those that want go the whole Andrew hog!

Have an afternoon break with Turkish coffee and  some delicious Middle Eastern Doughnuts in saffron and cardamom syrup

End the day with a glorious Indian Curry or, if you want something lighter, a Bhel Salad would be good

*Western Australia is always behind the rest of Australia except on the AFL scoreboard!.

One response to “Andrew Bolt is a Dickhead Day; 2015

  1. Shirley Green

    Hullo Archie … For breakfast, I included a Turkish coffee with my Chinese congee which I daringly made with black rice. I topped this with aduki beans and tofu. Yum! For lunch I plan to have Baba ghanoush from the Levant. This is a mashed eggplant with virgin olive oil and seasonings. I grow the eggplant myself. For dinner my friends and I will dine on Babute from the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a aground beef dish with curry powder, made by me, and apricots. It’s such a pity that my dislike for Bolt excludes me from inviting him to join me particularly as I shall be finishing with Brioiuat from Morocco, a sweet puff pastry which may even make him lick his lips with satisfaction. We are so lucky in Adelaide to have access to the many ingredients required for these dishes sold by migrants from the various countries which are making South Australia, and indeed the rest of Australia, such an interesting place to live. The DDay for Bolt will be quite delicious for me and my friends. In fact, to be honest, most days for me could be rated as a DDay for Bolt as far as food is concerned.
    Shirley x

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