Refugees at Sea; June 2nd, 2015




2nd June, 2015

“The Australian Government is yet to respond to the claims.”

Once again we hear the cry of the secretly ashamed bully!

“No Comment”

If we say nothing we will never be blamed for anything. There will be no proof if we are hauled before the International Court at the Hague.

No proof of anything “at sea”; no proof of child abuse, paedophilia, rapes, assaults and murders in any of the Border Protection Camps, onsore and offshore. Because any whistleblowers, acting out of common humanity will be locked up and silenced.

Yes, I am angry and I am ashamed of my Government. And if this falls foul of the “Good Citizenship Test” then so be it.


This morning I woke to the news of yet another vessel filled with desperate men women and children being turned back to Indonesia. The ABC report reads;

Indonesian police say a boat carrying 65 asylum seekers has crashed onto a reef after being turned back by Australian authorities. Those aboard — 54 Sri Lankans, 10 Bangladeshis, one person from Myanmar and five additional crew — told Indonesian police they were trying to get to New Zealand. There were four women and three toddlers on board. They are now being held on Rote Island off West Timor after crashing onto a reef near the remote Landuti Island. One of the crew members fled from police and has not been located.

Island chief of police senior commissioner Hidayat told the ABC the latest boat was intercepted by an Australian border patrol after setting off from West Java on May 5. The asylum seekers told police they were transferred onto a more seaworthy wooden boat, given dried fruit, biscuits, fuel and life jackets and escorted back to Indonesian waters. The asylum seekers were found Monday by fishermen after the crash.”

So no vessel is now allowed to transit Australian waters, in a peaceful manner, on its way to another country.

Australian Piracy is alive and well and State Sponsored.

And again the Border Protection Mantra is trotted out!  “No Comment”


This latest incident would appear to have occurred near the Ashmore and Cartier Islands, off Darwin.

So it would not have involved the use of the Christmas Island Flotilla pictured below. This flotilla has been in Flying Boat Cove for some time with no comings or goings.


These vessels and the associated on-shore facilities are manned by quite a few “navy” people. It seems they are not just navy. There are also Air Force personnel, army, and even reservists. It almost seems to be like a training thing or an induction. The question thus becomes, “Are they being trained for Border Protection or for something more warlike as the Nations to our North become evermore disgusted with our stance on Asylum Seekers?

Which still leaves the unanswered question






Australia has failed

to change human nature.

Australia has failed to stop the boats.
They may not be getting far,
but escapees from oppression are still setting out or planning on setting out.
Some of them will not be making it..



arrival list

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