From a Roman Wall #92

romangif4The quiet of the Forum Cafeterium was broken as Zoophilus the explorer and Marti his slave girl entered. They were arguing about a sailor’s tale Marti insisted was true.

“There really is a giant bird which flies over the ocean West of the Indus and drops rocks onto ships.” she said.

Zoophilus explained, “That is just a sailor’s tale. No such bird has ever been seen.”

Nellus the Barristerius handed them their beakers of steaming caffeinus with a smile.

“But my Mother’s Uncle did see it once and luckily it dropped its rock on another vessel!” Marti said. “And what about those big black and white whales that sing in groups.”

“They are real.” interrupted Verbo Ipsum. “My sailors often talk about them.”

“See!” exclaimed Marti. “Sailors tell the truth. My Mother’s Uncle said that at times it sounds as though those whales are accompanying themselves on musical instruments.”

Zoophilus’ face was displaying extreme skepticism.

“Of course they do.” Verbo Ipsum agreed with Marti. “They form an Orca stra.”


roman graffiti

One response to “From a Roman Wall #92

  1. Zoophilus shouldn’t discount the intelligence of Marti.


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