From a Roman Wall #91

romangif3“Salve. Good Morning” echoed around the Forum Cafeterium as the group of friends arrived for their morning caffeinus.

Nellus Ursus the Barristerus busied herself filling beakers with the hot and much desired liquid.

Pedantus was deep in discussion with Literatus the Librarian. “So boats are made of wood because the wood floats. But if I stand on a bit of wood it sinks under my weight. How do boats carry so much cargo?”

Literatus explained that a flat piece of wood was not much use as a boat because without sides it sank easily but if you built up the sides the boat could sink a bit with the weight of the cargo without the water slopping over the side.

Pedantus looked a little puzzled, “So curved, hollow bits of wood will float. How about hollow stone or iron??

Literatus replied that neither would float so it was silly to think about it.

Secundus, who had been down to the Tiber docks earlier asked, “What keeps a dock, which is flat, floating above water?”

Verbo Ipsum replied, “Pier pressure.”


roman graffiti

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