From a Roman Wall #90

romannellus1The Forum Cafeterium was quiet as it awaited its morning influx of customers.

At the counter Nellus the Barristerus was deep in conversation with the resident player opun words, Verbo Ipsum.

“Ok,” she said quietly. “I’ve got my line. When is the cue?”

“I’ll give you a wink at the right time.” replied Verbo.

At that moment Libertinus entered the cafeterium. Nellus barely stopped herself from simpering as she handed him his beaker of steaming caffeinus. Luckily for her more customers began arriving and she busied herself handing out the caffeinus she was so famous for. Then watched as the Citizens moved to their tabula and sat.

“So how is your pursuit of Nellus going, Libertinus?” asked Verbo breaking the unspoken code of silence on the matter.

“Oh, Um. You know.” stammered Libertinus as the others pretended very hard not to be listening.

“So you’re not just lounging around?” asked Verbo innocently. Everyone at the tabula looked elsewhere, disguising their interest but with wide-open ears.

“Oh no. Not at all.” declared Libertinus emphatically.

Verbo Ipsum replied, “I guess that means, so far, so good.”

Then he winked at Nellus who added her lines, “Couch me if you can, but before that you need to chaise me.”

roman graffiti

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