From a Roman Wall #89

graphics-romans-528700“Salve, Morning all.” Libertinus the Roman man-about-town entered the Forum Cafeterium grumpily.

“What’s wrong with you today?” asked Nellus the Barristerus as she handed him a beaker of steaming caffeinus.

“It’s not like you to be grumpy in the mornings.” added Secundus who was already halfway through his first caffeinus.

“I made the mistake of dropping in on that new caupona, restaurant. The coquus, the cook, has a specialty of an open flat-bread sandwich with olive and garlic paste, sausage slices, shrimp, dormouse rumps, green and black olives and cheese.” explained Libertinus.

“That sounds like a good breakfast.” said Literatus the Librarian, drooling just a little and looking at the rather plain loaf of panum, bread he had bought from Nellus.

“”It certainly sounded good but he then went and toasted it! The cheese melted and went everywhere and it was all so hot that I burned my tongue!” complained Libertinus.

“So he is serving food which hurts the customer?” asked Verbo Ipsum. “I do hope you gave him a pizza your mind!”

roman graffiti

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