From a Roman Wall #87

wine_salesman_-_roman“Salve, Good Morning.” Zoophilus and his slave girl Marti entered the Forum Cafeterium.

“Ave, welcome.” Nellus the best Barristerus in all of modern Rome greeted her customers.

Accepting their beakers of steaming hot caffeinus, the newcomers replied, “Gratias ago tibi, Thank you.”

They sat at their favourite tabula and greeted Secundus who had arrived early.

Verbo Ipsum nodded to the new arrivals. “Where have you two been this past mensis, month?” he asked.

“Caesar wanted a new Cameleopard, a Giraffe, for his zoo so we took a short voyage to Alexandria to obtain one.” replied Zoophilus. “I must admit, it is good to be back home. Hey, Secundus, I am really looking forward to finding some of your brother’s caseum caprinum, goat’s milk cheese. He makes it no one else can.”

“That could be a problem,” said Secundus. “He had a secret ingredient he used to give it that special taste. But he misplaced it and he’s spent weeks looking for it. Without it he just doesn’t know what to do.”

“Yes,” commented Verbo Ipsum. “He has lost his whey.”


roman graffiti

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