From a Roman Wall #86

Roman_lady“Salve, Good Morning.” Secundus greeted the customers of the Forum Cafeterium as he took a beaker of steaming caffeinus from Nellus the Barristerus. “My brother, Octavius, the Goat Herder, has got himself a dog.”

“Rome was built by brothers who were raised by dogs so that is a good thing.” said Literatus the Librarian. “He wants to herd his goats with it?”

“No, not at all.” a downcast Secundus replied. “He wants it to guard his cheese shed where he has been losing some of his cheeses to thieves.”

“Good thinking,” added Zoophilus the Explorer. “I have seen dogs used for many things in my travels. Those in the East use them as lap-warmers and in the frozen North they use them to pull chariots.”

“Just so long as he takes care how he trains his dog,” added Verbo Ipsum. “I’ve been to Gaul and seen their dogs. If Octavius trains his dog to hunt for underground mushrooms he’ll be more truffle than he’s worth.

roman graffiti

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