Is abbott a match for menzies?

We all know the statesman-like abilities of our current Prime Minister.

It is sobering to think that one day he will be placed alongside Sir Robert Menzies in the pantheon of great Prime Ministers of Australia.

Would you vote for this spiv? Menzies  mid 1930's

Would you vote for this spiv? Menzies mid 1930’s

That’s correct. Sir Robert Menzies. He of the cringeworthy, “I did but see her passing by, and yet I love her till I die.”

He who sent lots of good Aussie Iron Ore to Japan in the late 1930’s, only for them to return it to us in a most impolite way!

He who lost his position when real men were needed by our country yet returned to rule through a campaign of fear. Not a fear of terrorists but a fear of “Reds under the Bed”.

So how was he seen during those early years of the Second World War?

Unhampered by the re-writing of history by those who own the Press?

Here is one example from 1941. The Australian Worker.


Yes. Our current Prime Minister is certainly a worthy companion to Pig Iron Bob! With added ears and lizard tongue.

Hopeless except when ruling by fear!

One response to “Is abbott a match for menzies?

  1. And if there’s some form of order then he’s probably behind Silly Billy McMahon in the “Clown” queue!


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