From a Roman Wall #84

wine_salesman_-_roman“Salve, Good Morning.” Nellus Ursus the Barristerus greeted the newly arrived customers with a smile and with beakers of steaming caffeinus.

“Oh thank goodness for your Forum Cafeterium, Nellus. It is a small island of sanity in the madness of modern Rome.” The Librarian, Literatus accepted his beaker and sniffed appreciatively at the aroma.

“What have you seen to upset you this morning?” asked Libertinus the man about Rome. “Other than the goings-on up at the Palace.”

“I know nothing at all about palace life.” said Literatus. “I was down at the wharf this morning, taking the air, and those boats which our friend Verbo Ipsum owns were sailing and rowing in mad circles on the Tiber. It made me quite dizzy to watch them.”

As if on cue, Verbo walked into the Cafeterium.

“What were those sailors of yours doing this morning?” Literatus. “Have they been drinking the wine they should be delivering?”

“Not at all.” replied Verbo Ipsum. “It happens every now and then with ships and their crews. Schooner or later sailors engage in rudder nonsense.”


roman graffiti

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