BBC Quiz of the Week


LAST Week:- Quite a pleasant week on the weather front although there has been some smoke in the air. There is also the whiff of a change in National Leadership as the incompetence of the current leader is being exposed and his own party is making “Go Away” sounds.

Hats and Crowns:- Only one hat this week and it is all mine! 1/7 is lamentable!  😦

THIS Week:- I almost got 5/7 but I changed my mind away from two correct answers and so ended with 3/7. How will you go this week with the Quiz?

Previous Dunces

20th Feb, 1/7, Ærchiearchive

13th Feb, 3/7, No Hats Awarded

6th Feb, 2/7, Rob

30th Jan, 2/7, Rob

23rd Jan No Hats Awarded

16th Jan, 1/7, Rob

9th Jan, 1/7, daisyfae

12th Dec, 3/7, no hats awarded

5th Dec, 2/7, Ærchiearchive

28th N0v, 3/7, no hats awarded

21st Nov, 2/7, Ærchiearchive

14th Nov, 1/7, Ærchiearchive

7th Nov, 2/7, Ærchiearchive


Crown Winners (7/7)

14th Sept, 2012, healingmagichands

28th Sept, 2012, dinahmow

5th Oct, 2012, dinahmow, healingmagichands, Buff

7th Dec, 2012, healingmagichands, Rob

31st May, 2013, dinahmow

14th June, 2013, dinahmow

26th July 2013, dinahmow

9th August 2013, dinahmow

21st Mar, 2014, healingmagichands

1st Aug, 2014, healingmagichands

2 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. Ah…….no help for me this week: 2/7. Too bad I just can’t generate any more interest in pop culture.

    We’re still suffering the weather ups and downs that come with El Nino. It sort of appears that March will come in like neither a lion nor a lamb. Starting to get really itchy for spring.


  2. 2/7 here as well… Flying home from a week of business in California. Glorious weather, but trapped in meetings from 7am – 7pm. We did enjoy lunches on the terrace, so not all was lost…


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