From a Roman Wall #83

romangif3 “Ave, Morning all.” Secundus and Literarus both arrived at the Forunm Cafeterium together. Nellus the Barristerus smiled at them both as she served them beakers of steaming Caffeinus.

She nodded over to the corner where the players were concentrating. “Zoophilus said there may be an interesting development over there this morning.”

As if on cue, Lusortius smiled as he made his decision. He moved his Consort from beside his King diagonally right across the board. She settled five squares in front of the King’s Fort. He said the magic word. “Mate!” Zoophilus smiled even wider and Libertinus groaned.

The new arrivals sat at another tabula with Verbo Ipsum. “We were watching this street artist last night,” said Secundus. “His work was brilliant.”

“Indeed!” agreed Literatus. “He drew a perfect circle and then a perfect sphere.”

“Then he drew a triangle and a pyramid.” gushed Secundus. “Finally he drew a square!”

“But when he tried to draw a cube,” Verbo Ipsum added. “He had a mental block.”

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