From a Roman Wall #82

graphics-romans-522569The Forum Cafeterium was an island of quiet in a Rome which was seething with anger. Literatus, the Librarian arrived in a dishevelled state.

“Oh, Thank you.” he said to Nellus as he accepted a beaker of caffeinus. “Ave, Morning all. It is quite riotous out there today. The Celts and Scots are very very angry at everybody.”

In the corner Lusortius continued to study the board in front of him and made a decision. He moved the black pawn in front of his King forward two spaces. Now Libertinus began to study his options. The watching Zoophilus smiled to himself as he looked up at Literatus.

“I know.” he replied with a grimace. “I came through the streets this morning as well.”

Secundus added his version of events. “I heard it all started when some of those Celts were mocked by a group of Greeks. Something about wearing dresses. It just shows, never make fun of a Scot’s traditional garb.

Verbo Ipsum added, “You can get kilt that way.”


roman graffiti

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